Le Figaro Award

Le Figaro Award :

Grand Prix 2006


HFM Award

HFM Award :

UCITS III Equity 2011


Chahine Capital

Our designation, J. Chahine Capital, comes from the name of the investment originator and adviser of Digital Funds, a Sicav that Jacques Chahine created in Luxembourg in 1998. Dr Chahine was the founder of JCF Group, a company well known to investors via its market consensus data.

J. Chahine Capital Group is dedicated exclusively to model-based, quantitative asset management, where each and every development is subjected to rigorous back-testing over at least twelve years’ worth of data. Our objective is to beat the benchmarks for each of our products, and even the most sceptical investors are forced to admit that our results are often better than the back-testing suggests. Few quantitative managers can boast as much rigour in the execution of their investment strategies.

J. Chahine Capital Group combines the talents of top-level mathematicians and IT experts in its management team. All are finance specialists and are thoroughly familiar with the best analytical tools. Most of their time is spent on Research and Development.

Digital funds are regularly ranked top of their categories over the medium and long term and have received Standard and Poor’s first prize for European offshore funds.