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Marketing authorizationsDigital Stars Europe>>33222222222
Classe Acc (LU0090784017)33333333333Digital Stars Europe
Classe Acc1 (LU1731919103)33333003333Digital Stars Europe
Classe Acc2 (LU2098777084)33333000333Digital Stars Europe
Classe GBP (LU0259627379)33333003300Digital Stars Europe
Classe USD (LU0274905818)33333003300Digital Stars Europe
Classe R (LU0323041763)33333303330Digital Stars Europe
Classe D (LU0905713201)33333303330Digital Stars Europe
Classe D1 (LU173191525) (only institutional investors)33333003300Digital Stars Europe
Classe I (LU1506569661) (only institutional investors)33333303333Digital Stars Europe
Classe I1 (LU2211665745) (only institutional investors)33000000000Digital Stars Europe
Classe I USD (LU2049410926) (only institutional investors)33333000000Digital Stars Europe
Classe S (LU1651323278)33033003300Digital Stars Europe
Classe P (LU2005654798)33000000000Digital Stars Europe
Digital Stars Europe ex-UK>>32222222222
Classe Acc (LU0259626645)33333333333Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Classe Acc1 (LU1731919871)33333003333Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Classe Acc2 (LU1731919954)33333003333Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Classe GBP (LU0259626991)33333003300Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Classe D (LU2133218540)33033003330Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Classe DI (LU2376120270) (only institutional investors)30030000000Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Classe I (LU0997310957) (only institutional investors)33333303330Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Classe P (LU2005655092)33000000000Digital Stars Europe ex-UK
Digital Stars Europe Smaller Companies>>33333003332
Classe Acc (LU1506569588)33333003333Digital Stars Europe Smaller Companies
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Classe I USD (LU1737512811) (only institutional investors)33333003330Digital Stars Europe Smaller Companies
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Classe Acc EUR (LU1651323518)33333003330Digital Stars US Equities
Classe Acc USD (LU1651323435)33333003330Digital Stars US Equities
Classe R EUR (LU1651323781)33333003330Digital Stars US Equities
Classe I USD (LU1651323609) (only institutional investors)33333003333Digital Stars US Equities
Classe I EUR (LU2006281013) (only institutional investors)33333000333Digital Stars US Equities
Classe P EUR (LU2005655175)33000000000Digital Stars US Equities
Digital Stars Eurozone>>33222000002
Classe Acc (LU1813569289)33333000000Digital Stars Eurozone
Classe R (LU1813569362)33333000000Digital Stars Eurozone
Classe CD (LU2376122565)33000000000Digital Stars Eurozone
Classe I (LU1813569446) (only institutional investors)33333000003Digital Stars Eurozone
Digital Market Neutral Europe>>33303002322
Classe Acc EUR (LU2092197867)33303003330Digital Market Neutral Europe
Classe Acc 2 EUR (LU2098777167)33303003333Digital Market Neutral Europe
Classe I EUR (LU2092197941) (only institutional investors)33303003333Digital Market Neutral Europe
Classe P EUR (LU2092198089)33303000300Digital Market Neutral Europe

In order to mitigate for European Economic Area companies the effects that a no-deal Brexit would have on their services provided in the United Kingdom, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has put in place a Temporary Permissions Regime system (TPR –
The TPR is an emergency plan that will come into force only in case of a no-deal scenario.
It allows investment funds domiciled in the European Economic Area and marketed in the United Kingdom to temporarily continue to be marketed in the United Kingdom.
On January 25, 2019, J.Chahine Capital officially informed the FCA of its intention to benefit from the TPR.

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